Apply for Day School Scholarship

Beth Jacob Congregation Jewish Day School Scholarship Application
Incorporating Gifts From The Samuel Goldberger Endowment Fund and The Zelda Katz Endowment Fund

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Policies and Regulations

The following policies and regulations have been established to allow us to distribute scholarship monies equitably among qualified students:

1. Scholarships are based on need.
2. Scholarships may be received from other sources. However, priority will be given to those individuals who are not recipients of other aid.
3. Applications are considered only for applicants attending the St. Paul Talmud Torah Day School or the Amos & Celia Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School. Students will be expected to continue their formal Jewish studies and to participate in the Shabbat Enrichment program at Beth Jacob Congregation.


Applicant Info

Have you received a scholarship or grant from another source this year?
In order for my child to attend this school, the minimum amount necessary from non-family sources is listed above.
(Beth Jacob will try to partially meet this need.)
Use the space above to provide any other appropriate information necessary for the committee to make a decision.
We hereby accept the St. Paul Talmud Torah Day School scholarship from the Samuel Goldberger Endowment Fund and/or the Zelda Katz Endowment Fund, and agree to abide by the stipulations outlined.