Sign Up for Travel to DC to March For Our Lives

Thursday Mar 22nd at 3:30pm to Sunday Mar 25th at 8:00pm

On March 24, we - the Twin Cities Jewish community - will be present with hundreds of thousands of people who will join together in Washington DC for the March For Our Lives.

Can you donate to support teens going to DC for the March For Our Lives? Click here.

Are you able to go together to the March For Our Lives in DC?

Seats are limited! Read on!

Teen members of the Twin Cities Jewish community, including representatives from Adath Jeshurun, Bet Shalom, Beth El, Beth Jacob, Darchei Noam, Mt. Zion, Shir Tikvah, Temple Israel, Temple of Aaron, regional NFTY and USY, and more,* are currently getting together to organize and garner support for this crucial cause.

This form is Beth Jacob collecting information for the entire community, and is for ALL PARTICIPANTS. We are gathering contact information from anyone able to go to DC in this group. We are asking you to sign up because the number of participants will influence the cost for getting teens to DC to represent their - and our - Jewish community.

If you can offer financial support for the teens who want to represent our Jewish community - and our Jewish values - in the nation's capital, please donate. We want to make it possible for our teenage community members to assert themselves and their Jewish values, and your financial support can make that possible. Any donations through this form will go exclusively to the cause of financially supporting this teen trip to DC.

Lastly, more information will be forthcoming as to the specifics of traveling together to DC. Please note that we are planning on leaving the Twin Cities on Thursday March 22 AFTER SCHOOL, in order to prevent students from missing school on Thursday.

* Is your community not yet listed, but should be? Let me know in order to update the form appropriately.


Parent or Guardian

If a Parent/Guardian/Chaperone is interested in going to DC, please ALSO enter your relevant info as a participant below:

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