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Donate to Maot Chittim/Mechirat Hametz 2017

The Festival of Pesach provides us with an opportunity to perform a special Mitzvah: providing food for those in need. Please take a moment to complete the form below. Your contribution to the Rabbi’s Tzedakah Fund will assist needy Jews in observing the Pesach holiday here and abroad. May this Pesach truly be a time of freedom and prosperity for all.

Todah Rabbah,
Rabbi Morris J. Allen
Rabbi Tamar Grimm

To pay by check, please use this printable form and drop it off at the shul office.

Mechirat Hametz (Selling of Hametz)

The sale of Hametz is conducted between a representative of the Shul, Rabbi Allen, and a non-Jew. After Pesach, the Hametz is repurchased by Rabbi Allen. When selling your Hametz, it is customary to contribute funds to those in need. At this time of year, we remember those who are less fortunate, especially as we prepare to sit down to lavish meals as part of our Pesach Seder experiences. At the Seder, we say, “Let all who are hungry come in and eat with us.” This invitation can be fulfilled, in part, by Maot Chittim (literally: coins for wheat).

If you would like Rabbi Allen to sell your Hametz, please fill out the form below. Please be sure to sell your Hametz no later than 10 am on Friday, April 7.

I do hereby authorize Rabbi Allen or his designate to be an agent of Beth Jacob Congregation and to act on my behalf to sell, transfer and assign all Hametz of whatever kind and wherever situated in my residence or my business or any other place without reservation or limitation.

All the aforesaid Hametz is to be sold to a non-Jew who is to have free access to the Hametz acquired by him or her. I further state that the Hametz covered by the agreement will be stored away and not used by me during the period commencing no later than 10 am on Monday, April 10 and ending after Havdallah, (8:45 pm) on Tuesday, April 18 to transfer the Hametz to Rabbi Allen or his agent.