Sign Up for Kiddush Kit - For April 24

Saturday Apr 24, 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Please note: This form closes Wednesday at 5 pm

Kiddush kits this week are sponsored in celebration of Fancy Hat Weekend, and in honor of our former executive director, Sean M. Murphy, by:

Dominic Ackerman, Orit Ackerman, Rabbi Morris Allen & Dr. Phyllis Gorin, Carol & Gordon Altshuler, Cassie Bean, Stuart Bear & Marsha Schoenkin, Sheila & David Brod, Rachel Chinitz, Kate Cavett, Mike & Lorraine Davis, Elaine DuFresne, Debby Evans, Cay & Dean Fingerholz, Laurie & Jason Fink, Mitch & Margie Fink, Giulia Girgenti & Louis Hunter, Jane & Howard Gleeman, The Goffman Family, Andrea Goldbaum, The Goldsmith Family, Diane, Ace, Kalman & Lily Greenberger, Fred Haeusler & Leslie Martin, The Hertel Family, Laura & David Honan, Bea Johnson, Miryam, Shifra, Mara & Rayzie Kabakov, Barry Kantrowitz & Sharon Press, Darla Kashian & Samantha Grosby, Michelle & Benjamin Kett, Miriam Krause & Will Pomerantz, Steve Krovitz, Cynthia Launer & Will Thomas, Louis & Janice Leichter, Barbie Levine & Sara Lynn Newberger, Bernie, Hanne & Joseph Levinson, Joyce Levitan, Elena & Matt Levitt, Lynn Liberman & Elizabeth Barnard, Ryan Lohr, Joanna Lowinger, Geoffrey Marshall & Laurie Radovsky, Ron & Karen Matz, Laura & Brian Millberg, Bernie Miller & Sonja Hauter, Mickey & Susan Minsberg, Adi Molvin, Leonard Oppenheimer & Lydia Schultz, Eric & Jo Pasternack, Beth Pearlman & Garry George, Mindy Ratner, Ben & Katrina Resman, Maxine Rosenthal, Doris Rubenstein, Sarah Rude, Naften & Tammy Sadoff, The Sandweiss/Richman Family, Larry & Sue Savett, Linda Schloff, Elizabeth Seehawer & Alan Block, Aaron Silver & Noam Sienna, Tessa Silver, Jen & Eric Silverman, Barbara Staub & Don Mitchell, Leslie & Jim Strohm, Bettina Waldman, and Jessica & David Zehavi.

Kits will include lasagna, broccoli salad, smoked whitefish, tri-color potato salad, ginger snaps, and iced coffee*

*Please note: each Kiddush Kit is designed for 1 person

We put together "Kiddush Kits" to help it feel a little more like Shabbat. The kits can be used on their own, or in conjunction with our online kiddush! If you can't pick one up but would like one, let us know below.

If you would like to sponsor a future week's kiddush kits, the cost is $400; go to and choose "I would like to sponsor a kiddush" under "Choose a Fund".

Kits can be picked up on Friday at Beth Jacob between 1-3 pm; Frances will be in touch with West Metro residents about a pickup that is geographically easier.

For alternate pickup arrangements, or to discuss sponsorship, contact Executive Director Alex Locke.

Please use the format: XXX-XXX-XXXX