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Get a Seder Kit and/or help getting Passover food!

In this season, where everything is constantly changing, our seders are going to be changing too. Beth Jacob will be providing FOR THOSE WHO SIGN UP a “Seder Kit” with ritual items needed for a seder, including a hagaddah.  Food items (charoset, parsley, maror) will come from the Beth Jacob Kosher for Passover kitchen. Please note that this is NOT a seder MEAL, and includes only the minimum to meet ritual requirements. Please request a seder kit below.

Food Exchange: Some of us have already gone shopping for Pesach and we have too much food!  Some of us have yet to shop. Please drop off any extra non-perishable, unopened, packaged food by Friday, April 3 at 3 pm. On Sunday, April 5, we will have this food out for people to pick up as they drive by to pick up their seder kits and kosher wine, juice, and chocolate orders. There is no RSVP for this exchange; we will collect what people give, and we will distribute whatever is available.

Sign up for an online seder here, and, as always, you can sell your hametz online at!

Optional donation for Seder Kit (suggested: $18; please enter any amount with which you are comfortable in the "Optional Donation" field, below.)

Optional Donation