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Our Shabbat Enrichment Program includes Iyunim, learning for children beginning at age three years old through 4th grade,  kehilat shabbat for kids in 5th-8th grade, as well as our madrichim program for 9-12th graders. All of our learning on Shabbat morning is complementary to formal Jewish learning contexts and therefore does not cover the full range of Jewish learning for your child.  The program is designed with the expectation that your children are enrolled in formal Jewish learning during the week— i.e. at one of the Talmud Torahs, in Jewish day school, or in one-on-one or small group learning environments in which they can develop their Hebrew reading fluency and Judaic content knowledge. Please let us know if you need help finding such a program for your child.  For the safety of all our kids and adults who may have compromised immunity, please note that Beth Jacob requires all program participants to have current vaccinations.   We are very excited to be part of your child's Jewish learning, development and growth.  To register please fill out the form below.  When registering for more than one child, please make sure to click on the box that says "add a 2nd child".  Please feel free to reach out to Rabbi Tamar Magill-Grimm, our Rabbi Educator, with any general questions or concerns about youth education at (651-452-2226) or

Keep reading for more detail on the Shabbat programming offered at Beth Jacob for specific ages and you will find the registration form below:


Iyunim: Jewish Explorations @ BJC 9:30 - noon on Shabbat morning

Iyunim is our hands-on, exploratory Jewish learning program for children ages 3 years through 4th grade. In this engaging learning community, our children explore Hebrew language, Jewish stories, and together create learning that will grow with them their whole lives.

In addition to classes on Shabbat mornings, all are invited to gather for additional class time and family learning one Sunday a month 9:30-11:30 am.  Our learning on Shabbat is elevated by observance of shabbat in the shul, consequently our children do not create permanent pieces of work on that day. Family Sundays provide opportunities for children to have more exploration time in the classroom, including writing Hebrew, making crafts, and producing artwork. 

Please watch for regular email updates with questions and challenges that enable the learning to continue all week long.  All three classes (PK/K 1-2, and 3-4) have teachers working collaboratively around a shared theme.


Kehilat Shabbat 10:15 - noon on Shabbat morning

Beth Jacob has an amazing team of teachers to work with your children. We are here to make meaning with them, to share learning with them, to teach, to be delighted in our Jewish learning, and to make community.

  • 5-6th graders focus on Tefillah and Torah, exploring ideas and narratives in the text. They will deepen their understanding of how Torah becomes part of Jewish life through story, interpretation, prayer, and language. They also learn and reinforce their skills of Hebrew, trope, and tefillah.

  • 7-8th graders will learn new ways to apply Jewish values in their own lives, reflecting their own new stages of life and abilities.  This age group also spends additional time in the sanctuary at the end of class in order begin to integrate into the larger kehillah experience.


Our teens are an essential part of youth learning at Beth Jacob. They serve as dugmaot (models) for our younger students, helping inspire them and see how they will grow as members of our community.  Our madrichim help out in the nursery and in Iyunim, working one on one and with small groups of children guided by their teachers. Our teens also often read Torah and lead services in the main sanctuary, and periodically participate in a teen sicha, a discussion on current issues and topics of interest related to Jewish life and mentorship.  Madrichim who participate regularly receive stipends for attending Jewish camp or Israel programs in the amount of $100 for their first year, $125 for the second year, $150 for the 3rd year and $175 for seniors.


Costs for Iyunim and Kehilat Shabbat:

For Iyunim (grades PK-4) the tuition will be $650 per child per year (which includes Family Sundays. For Kehilat Shabbat (5th and 6th grade), the tuition will be $650 per year, which includes the pre-b’nai mitzvah seminars (this does not include tutoring). For 7th and 8th graders tuition is $500 per year for the Shabbat morning class.  In order to keep this reasonable for families with multiple children, the maximum for any family is $1500.

Ability to pay is not a condition of education at Beth Jacob Congregation.
Should the fees present a financial hardship to your family, please select the "Pay by check" as your  payment method below and contact Reb Sami or Rabbi Tamar by phone: 651-452-2226 or e-mail: or
All discussions will be held in strict confidence.

Please note that shul education for families is steeply subsidized by our community.  If you are able to make an additional donation to help cover the costs of faculty and materials, your contribution would be wonderful, and put to good use in teaching our children. Please contact Sean M. Murphy, Executive Director by phone at 651-452-2226 or email:, if you can provide supplementary support to youth learning at Beth Jacob.
All discussions will be held in strict confidence.

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