Register for Beth Jacob Youth Education 2020-2021

Our Youth Education Program includes:

This year the majority of our learning experiences, including zoom tefilah (prayer) on shabbat and chagim, as well as class time will be held on zoom either on shabbat or on Sundays. There will also be opportunities for asynchronous learning, one-on-one mentoring, and a few optional in-person gatherings, primarily connected to holiday celebrations.

For Iyunim families, our time together on shabbat will center around Minyan Katan and Youth Tefilah.  Zoom Family Sundays will occur twice a month.  Please see the calendar for more detail.

Minyan Katan will be at 9 am and will be geared for children ages 0-5. 

Youth Tefilah, geared for children in 1st through 6th grade, will take place at 11 am. 

Families with children in both cohorts may choose to attend either or both, depending on individual children’s learning needs.

Children in Kehilat Shabbat (5th-8th grade), in addition to Youth Tefilah or the main service zoom, will continue to learn “in the classroom” on shabbat morning via zoom with their teachers.

To register please fill out the form below. When registering for more than one child, please make sure to click on the box that says "add a 2nd child". Please feel free to reach out to Rabbi Tamar Magill-Grimm, our Rabbi Educator, with any general questions or concerns about youth education at (651-452-2226) or

A note about costs for Iyunim and Kehilat Shabbat this year

Please note that shul education for families is steeply subsidized by our community. This year, because of the added expenses and time involved in creating online learning, our costs are even higher. If you are able to make an additional donation to help cover these costs, please either just do so on our website or contact our Executive Director Sean Murphy by phone at 651-452-2226 or email: All discussions and donations will be held in strict confidence.

Ability to pay is not a condition of education at Beth Jacob Congregation.

This year, in particular, we are aware of the economic challenges many are facing. Should the fees present a financial hardship to your family, please select "Pay by check" as your payment method below and contact Rabbi Adam or Rabbi Tamar by phone: 651-452-2226 or e-mail: or All discussions will be held in strict confidence.

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Please include the most reliable contact numbers in case of an emergency. This should include parents and any other relevant numbers in case parents cannot be reached.
Please send a copy of your child's IEP to
IMPORTANT: Please enter any Health / Dietary / Special info about this child that we should know (please be specific).
Does your child have any other allergies, to food, medication, or other? If so, please tell us everything we need to know.
I grant permission for my child's photo, without his/her name, to be included in Iyunim and Beth Jacob Congregation printed and online materials.
* This photo will be used in classroom activities.
If you are paying the household price, select "Household Price" for the first student and select "Household Member" for all other students.


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